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Due to the Coronavirus health risk worldwide, we are conducting our meetings, until further notice, through the virtual world. Zoom. It's certainly a well used app. Go to www.zoom.us and join up. Contact webmaster@w7sky.org a day or two before the meeting to obtain the password to enter the meeting. It's simple and it's free. You too will be able to schedule video and or audio meetings!

                           July 16th, 2022
                         ONLY ON ZOOM!


October 2018

Darryl Holman WW7D
A Hex Beam Primer

January 2019

Lynn Burlingame N7CFO
Field Day Operations

Thank you Brad, KE7EOF! Your quick solution made this a great meeting!

February 2019

SCOTT HONAKER, N7SS on touring the mysterious HAARP radio experimentation and research facility.

Please watch the video for this meeting located here.....  It starts at 21 minutes into the Minutes.

April 2019

Thank you to John N7AME for your presentation on LoTW! I know the Webmaster learned a lot!

Great presentation!
NOW I understand!
Click here... to watch the video on "how to use LoTW"

August 2019

Thank you Walt K1WZ for your presentation on experiences at Arecibo.

November 2019

Thank you to Brad N7ER for presenting Digital Mobile Radio, DMR

February 2020

Thanks to Erik K7QOG for your presentation on WinLink.
This is how our meetings are these days.....

We're all in this together! Be Smart! Be Well!

Below is what our meetings were.....

We're a little more exciting then this picture portrays



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